In Town Living


Wow. What a showstopper. This is the epitome of world-class urban beauty, nestled right in downtown. The centerpiece of the room is the captivating chandelier, drawing attention and promising, along with other elements in the room, both substantial and delicate, an evening of sophisticated merriment.


We maximized the lofty, timbered ceilings to fashion a kitchen that is both open and airy, fostering a sociable atmosphere while maintaining functionality. Hues of gray, white, and blue evoke the ambiance of a cool winter’s day, complemented by polyhedronal light fixtures that infuse a pearlescent warmth into the space.

Living Room

Whether it’s a game night, a movie night, or just a quiet evening at home, this living room is designed for comfort. The homeowners once again showcase their unique taste, but the diverse elements seamlessly come together in eye-pleasing harmony.

Powder Room

Embracing city living is a lifestyle with its own flair. Your home should mirror your personality and the unique journey that brought you to the top! These homeowners embraced a style that was entirely their own, and I was thrilled to be a part of the journey. After an extended period of decision-making throughout the rest of the house, they asked me, “Karlie, can’t we just have a little fun?” And indeed, we can. Who could resist a powder room adorned with camel wallpaper?

Master Bedroom

Once our design journey was complete, this home was truly an urban work of art. Here, the eye-catching abstract painting adorned in rich and lustrous gold hues centered above the headboard creates a captivating visual spectacle, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the space.

Master Bathroom

When this retired couple isn’t jet-setting and decides to unwind, what better place than this luxurious bathroom adorned with carrara marble, polished nickel, and a glistening ambiance? Featuring the most inviting freestanding porcelain bathtub, it’s a haven for relaxation. Recognizing the space constraints familiar to city dwellers, I designed this bathroom with both efficiency and beauty in mind.