Log Retreat

Master Bedroom

A uniquely designed highboy featuring peeled birch wood. Tucked between lounge club chairs covered in camel’s hair sits a charming stained glass lamp illuminating the space. The crackling fireplace, crafted from boulders unearthed during the cabin’s creation, adds warmth and character to this distinctive setting.

Guest Bedroom

A room with layers of tactile richness: quilted pillows atop a bed with woven reed panels. The ambiance is heightened by wax-rubbed wood surfaces. Custom iron drapery rods elegantly hold classic, heavily textured linen drapery, creating a space that exudes comfort and sophistication.

Master Bathroom

Experience the anticipated classic with a clawfoot tub, hand-forged cabinet hardware, and tumbled travertine flooring. Embrace the timeless elegance of Emperador Dark Honed marble counters. Delight in the crewel-embroidered linen rolled Roman shades, adding a touch of refinement to this gracefully designed space.

Great Room

Timeless allure! Revel in the pure mountain log ambiance. Custom-designed, Aztec rugs enhance the space. An antique chest, with rustic paint, and a rawhide-laced shade grace a lodge pole floor lamp. Complement the setting with a peeled bark side table and an antique breakfast table artfully trimmed to coffee table height.


A family kitchen table is cozily positioned within a kitchen adorned with iron pendants featuring hide shades. The cabinets and table showcase intricate painted accents, adding depth and character. Log columns seamlessly bridge the transition from the dining room to the kitchen, creating a harmonious connection. Classic Old Hickory dining chairs with saddle leather strapping contribute to the rustic charm. The space is crowned by a timeless antler chandelier, providing a focal point and completing the rustic yet inviting ambiance with its classic touch.