Ultimate Classic

Formal Dining Room

Crafted for perfection, custom templates seamlessly scale a damask faux wall. Paired with a chandelier featuring hand-forged iron and crystal dangles, achieving a timeless classic finish in the room.


Delve into the intricate ceiling artwork, capturing the underside of a tree canopy. Each detail meticulously portrays branches, leaves, and a bird, creating a mesmerizing and nature-inspired panorama. This unique view transforms the ceiling into a captivating piece of art within the space.

Breakfast Nook

Admire a travertine mantel supported by elegant corbels. The faux coffered ceiling, when gazed upon, reveals the detail of the underside of a tree canopy. Marvel at branches, leaves, and birds in a unique and captivating view, bringing nature’s beauty indoors with artistic flair.

Powder Room

Faux-transformed walls in the powder room reminiscent of the walls at Versailles evoke an ambiance of richness and elegance, providing a luxurious retreat with each visit to this opulent space.