Urban Work of Art

Family Room

A seamless collaboration of a sandstone fireplace and timeless furniture, with new introductions bringing an edge—black woven rattan club chairs adorned in cozy sheared fur. The space is grounded by an oriental rug, where an antiqued leather sofa adds a touch of vintage charm. Translucent woven rattan shades delicately filter natural light, creating a harmonious and stylish ambiance.


The charm of unexpected crystal globe light fixtures in this kitchen, dubbed “disco globes,” they add a unique touch. A stained walnut island complements lead glass stacked cabinets, while black woven counter stools complete the stylish ensemble.

Kitchen Vignette

Woven Roman shades harmonize the family room, while a farmhouse sink and a thick ogee edge on the walnut counter blend seamlessly, enhancing the modern allure of bar stools adorned with playful fabric.

Powder Room

Graced by grass cloth-lined walls and a black lacquered, hand-carved Italian mirror, this powder room exudes sophistication. The hammered nickel sink, blackened nickel faucet, and exposed basin add a touch of luxury, complemented by the elegance of Dark Emperador Brown Marble.

Dining Room

In the dining room, a Sial rug and antique burl veneer-faced dresser set a sophisticated stage. Sheer drapery panels gracefully puddle on the black-stained floor, cultivating an atmosphere of timeless elegance and refined style.


Tailored for a lady, this office features an antique Fauteuil chair draped in plush velvet, paired with an oriental rug, metallic painted walls, and chic built-ins. Ingeniously, a bookcase metamorphoses into art-displaying walls, infusing the space with creativity and sophistication.

Master Bedroom

Step into the homeowner’s cozy sanctuary within the master bedroom. Drapery-clad walls, an upholstered linen-covered bed, and soft bedding create a nest-like ambiance. The luxurious and inviting atmosphere transforms this space into the perfect personal retreat, where comfort and style harmoniously meet.

Master Bathroom

This master bathroom, adorned with opulence, showcases a mosaic Azul Macaubas blue marble rug. A floating tub, accented with a metallic skirt and polished nickel faucets, exudes warmth. The timeless luxury is further enhanced by Carrara marble flooring and counters in this lavishly designed space.